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About us

Enjoy the best tantric massage on the magical island

Massages have a long tradition in human history and are used for a multitude of purposes; healing, relaxation, meditation, and eroticism. The body and soul are inseparably united, and only when we give ourselves a massage is when your body can relax completely, and therefore your soul also settles very quickly. In the hectic moments between stress at work and everyday life, a full-body professional massage is the perfect means to find La Paz and sensuality.

In our company we pamper you with every detail and assure you that each massage is individually adapted to the needs of our clients. Every day we surprise and enchant our customers, who are handled with love and charm. Vip Massage Ibiza massages are touching and seductive. Thanks to the combination of a professional full body massage with erotic hands. 

Let our beautiful masseurs take you on a journey where Pure sensuality is both the way and the goal.


Our massages

Massage Sensual Body to Body

Let your soul consent in our Body to Body massage with one of our sensual masseurs. An exchange of intense sensations and caresses, an erotic game that will awaken the sensitivity that you keep in every part of your body. Our sensual masseuse will carry a seductive thong that will allow you to caress your whole body, always respecting the genital area.

Massage Prostatic

This massage stimulates the prostate male gland. The prostate is one of the most erogenous parts of the male genital system and its stimulation is key in orgasm. Our masseuse uses his hands totally relaxing all your senses, managing to achieve a sensitivity that will gradually activate through your body. The massage starts at the head and slowly goes down until it reaches the perineal area.

Massage Body to Body Plus

If you do not want to stay with curiosity and live to the maximum the tantric experience of the Body to Body massage, we offer you this massage where you can interact without any limit with our sensual masseur. Let yourself be carried away by extreme eroticism and reach double climax in our Body to Body Plus massage.

Massage Pure Seduction

Seduction is a natural weapon in women. Our charming masseurs will seduce you and please your deepest desires throughout a very complete massage, where both will share the pleasure of giving and receiving. In this massage the level of eroticism increases and will make you enjoy until you are totally relaxed.

Massage Le Petit Mort

Le Petite Mort, also known as the small death, refers to the period that occurs after orgasm. It has generally been interpreted as the loss of consciousness that occurs after an orgasm. The masseur will travel your entire body using all the techniques of the Tantric world combined with eroticism and female sexuality reaching a brutal state of ecstasy.


Our girls will take care of giving you the best tantric experience. All have extensive experience in the sector and will make you enjoy like never before.