About us

” A unique and unforgettable experience”





Massages have a long tradition in human history and are used for a multitude of purposes; healing, relaxation, meditation, and eroticism. The body and soul are inseparably united, and only when we give ourselves a massage is when your body can relax completely, and therefore your soul also settles very quickly. In the hectic moments between stress at work and everyday life, a full-body professional massage is the perfect means to find La Paz and sensuality.

In our company we pamper you with every detail and assure you that each massage is individually adapted to the needs of our clients. Every day we surprise and enchant our customers, who are handled with love and charm. Vip Massage Ibiza massages are touching and seductive. Thanks to the combination of a professional full body massage with erotic hands. 

Let our beautiful masseurs take you on a journey where Pure sensuality is both the way and the goal.Wh

What is the purpose of Vip Massage Ibiza? 

Our team of Massagers will bring as far as you want privacy and a harmonious interior inspired to instantly absorb the atmosphere you need to relax, immerse yourself in sets of lights, exquisite aroma and soft petals. Everything is taken care of so that you only have to give in to the tender hands of your masseuse.


At VIP MASSAGE IBIZA we also do couples massages

We know that routine, day-to-day work and problems are points of conflict in a relationship and therefore, we recommend couples to live a new experience where they can both have new sensations and give a fun and exciting turn to your relationship . It is a unique experience that helps to disconnect and relax your minds and bodies, leading them to live sensations that will make them free and resume seduction between the two. 
Our masseur will guide you to know your sexiest side and your erogenous parts, will play with your bodies and will come to establish a full confidence to give rein to your imagination and relive that sexual passion that lives in each of you.

How do we work?

All our massages comply with certain principles and standards that allow us to pamper you in a very cultivated environment. We work within the symbiosis of the client’s desire, offer of massage, space and time. 
We work in a very sensitive area both physically and emotionally. Respect and acceptance are the basic requirements for our company. Please note that you are the recipient during each massage, and it is important that the masseur can carry out her mission during the time of the massage. This clear role assignment will allow you to absolutely enjoy being touched and above all focus on your individual person. Each massage is based on mutual respect. 


We place great emphasis on your good health as well as that of our masseurs. 
Our masseurs trained to welcome you always well maintained and freshly showered. Wash and disinfect hands before and after each massage. 
The people who perform the massage has an injury (however small) in their hands, will be protected during the intimate part of the massa
ge. Our masseurs appreciate it when their customers are well cared for. Therefore we recommend taking a deep shower before your massage to enjoy without Limit the company of our pleasant masseuse in your stay.